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  • MC

    名 前
    FORRIS FULLFORD (フォリース. フールフォード )
    国 籍
    言 語
    身 長
    B:103cm W:85cm H:96cm
    Black & gray
    趣 味
    特 技



    PV Born 1944 in Brooklyn, New York and began playing drums at Boys High School at the age of
    16. Forris’s parents were not musicians, but were music lovers and influenced his love for
    music at an early age. His mother and father’s record collection included such artist as,
    Ahmad Jamal, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Diana Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Ray Charles, and so on.

    Studied with the finest and noted musicians of today. People such as Charlie Persip,
    drummer, formally with Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Eckstein and Nancy Wilson. Ronald Gould,
    percussionist, with the New York City Ballet and Joffrey Ballet. Norman Grossman author of
    “Drum Set Styles” and “Drum Set Techniques.” Armand Santerelli co-author of several books
    with Joe Morello.

    During the 60’s worked with Mary Wells, Dee Dee Sharp, Clifford Curry and The Dixie Cups.
    Also worked and recorded with the rock group Plant and See which later changed it’s name to
    Lumbee. The leader, lead guitarist, composer and arranger for the group was Willie French
    Lowery a Native American Indian. On several occasions Lumbee open up concerts for the
    Allman Brothers Band. Also open up concerts for the Iron Butterfly, Doobie Brothers and the

    Worked with Arthur Prysock. During his stay backed up such artist as: Thelma Houston, Ester
    Phillips, Linda Hopkins, Lady Java, Billy Daniels, Sony Stitt, Jimmy Smith, Red Holloway, Sill
    Alston, Joe Texs, Ernie Andrews, Gloria Lynn, Arnett Cob, Lionel Hampton, Lou Rawls,
    Johnnie Taylor, Kim Weston, Dionne Warwick and Leslie Uggams.
    Worked with John Hicks and Candido.

    Retired from the Army Band after Twenty Four years of service. During his tour of duty he
    served as an instructor at the Armed Forces School of Music Little Creek, Norfolk, Va. With the
    76th Army Band in Kaiserslautern, Germany toured several nations such as England,
    Scotland, Wales, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy and Switzerland. With the U.S.
    Army Japan Band, toured all over Japan and Okinawa.

    Toured Japan with The Stan Gilbert Trio featuring Tom Pierson, Slide Hampton and Ernie
    Watts. Also toured Japan with Shoko Amano and Norman Simmons. Worked Tokyo Japan
    with Scotty Wright, Diane Witherspoon, Sony Holland, Nicole Henry and Diane White.

    Worked with Mariah Carey for the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005.

    Worked or recorded with Japanese notables: Akira Omori, Hideaki Yoshioka, Takashi Ooi,
    Akiko, Yoshio “Chin” Suzuki, Jun Nomura, Miki Kono, Yasuhiro Hasegawa, Masahiko
    Taniguchi, Kiyoshi Morita, Yuri Nagashima, Shintaro Nakamura, Fumio Hayashi, Hiroshi
    Kagawa, Tomomi Fukui, Kazuhide Motooka, Joh Yamada, Tohru Anbo, Ryuichi Takase and
    Yoshiki Uta.

    Performed in the Japanese motion-picture film " Last Love" with Masakazu Tamura, Misaki Ito
    and Reiko Takashima